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Interview with Dr Philip from ReAct India.

Dr Philip is a public health consultant for ReAct Asia Pacific and and and expert in AMR. We had a one hour interview with him to discuss AMR in India.

Top quotes:

A focus on building awareness alone is simply futile. Spreading awareness is not enough… it needs to be coupled with the right incentives and creating social norms (i.e. looking down on those who don’t prescribe/provide accurately). We also need to involve the administrators in the solution - think about what the right motivators are for them.

People perceive antibiotics as magic bullets, that cure you faster.

In India, the ease of access to cheap antibiotics is high.

In Thailand there was a good intervention of a mirror with a picture of a normal throat and a throat with a bacterial infection.When patients would ask for antibiotics, pharmacists would ask them for their self-evaluation against the mirror.

Here's Thailand’s Antibiotic Smart Use Initiative