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Interview with Dr Talya, Pediatrician with a Master in Public Health

We had our first interview with Dr Talya, a paediatrician with Master in Public Health, working in California. She has experience in the field of AMR and will be advising us on this project over the coming weeks.

Top quotes:

Telling people that antibiotics might be bad for them is going to be very challenging in places where they are saving lives a lot of the times

It’s very hard to teach people that high fevers… aren’t indicative of bacterial infections as they were 30 years ago before we vaccinated against all those things

Medical care can be a very emotional thing. Even well educated people (around antibiotics) can be emotional about their or their kids health. This goes for doctors too.. They can be influenced by the last time they had an encounter with an infection or their kid got sick.

When my patients disagree with me (about needing antibiotics) I feel frustrated. I am have a strong will and I wanna do what is right for them. In developing markets doctors might feel like they will lose them as patients

Consulting patients is a negotiation. You are always thinking of what is the best for the patient within the time frame you have available. I think a visual joint decision making tool would be very useful.