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Interview with Alvin, pharmacy owner in Kisumu

Alvin, a qualified pharmacist on a strip between the low and the middle income area in Kisumu. He and his wife run the pharmacy, and are joined by a couple of assistants who handle transactions such as MPesa. They met at medical school and since they graduated they have run the pharmacy for 6 years. They work together - Alvin handles the early shift (7-12/3) and his wife comes later in the afternoon.

Top highlights:

Trust helps patient confidence and loyalty
“People believe that you know what you’re talking about. I show people visual examples, I encourage them to talk in a safe environment and I follow up with them."

Tries to stay affordable for the low-income population
“We will give people a full dose of antibiotics on credit so that they take the course. In the slum it’s easier to run things this way.”

Explaining improper antibiotics use to patients using stories they can relate to
“I tell them that taking a lesser dose makes you get sick again later, it is like the war between Al-Shabaab and Kenya, you can’t just do it only partly.”

Concept Feedback - Pledge
“I know it in my heart if my prescription is right. It’s good to practice it and live by it rather than have a poster about it”