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Interview with Brenda, clinician in Dunga, Kisumu, Kenya

Brenda, clinician at Community Hospital Outpatients Surgery, Dunga, Kisumu, Kenya

Brenda is in her mid 20’s. She is a clinician with two years of experience and works a at private community clinic in the suburbs of Kisumu, where people can have walk in appointments. There is a pharmacy and a lab on site. 

Brenda is tech savvy. She uses her smartphone for day to day activities but also for her work. She frequently uses Medscape, an app for healthcare professionals to access medical resources.

We interviewed Brenda in the clinic she works at. Scroll down for some highlights.

‍‍Dunga Community Hospital Outpatients Surgery
Brenda showing us the Medscape app she is using.

Top highlights:

Healthcare professionals are involved too late
“Some patients come in after a week of taking medication, because they didn’t work. They even come with their own diagnosis.”

On how she approaches her consultations
“You need to make patients understand, because if they don’t understand they won’t accept your diagnosis”

She tells reluctant patients 

“Believe in us, take the medicine and pray”

On Antimicrobial Resistance
“Everyone’s the problem. Patients misuse antibiotics and will keep going to other doctors to get prescribed even stronger drugs. And some doctors like to prescribe whatever patients want.”

Feedback on concepts
Patients entering symptoms on the phone
“When patients talk about symptoms, we look for their facial expressions and mood. The way they describe their symptoms helps with our diagnosis. You will miss a lot of that if patients just added symptoms from the phone."
On training.
“Medicine is dynamic - you should read and learn everyday. If I have something like this, it’s easier, I can do it in my downtime”