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Interview with Cherie, pharmaceutical technologist in a small chain pharmacy in Kisumu.

Cherie, 24 is a Pharmaceutical Technologist in a small chain pharmacy in Kisumu. They serve the middle classes. We ran an co-creation session with her at the pharmacy and spent some time behind the counter observing how the pharmacy runs.

She trained at college and interned for 2 years before starting this job. She lives nearby with her sister, her husband, her niece and her 10 month old boy. In her spare time she likes travelling.

We spent a couple of hours in the pharmacy she works in where we discussed healthcare in general and observed the operations of the pharmacy.

Top highlights:

Patients need educating
“You do find antibiotics are misused. Patients want to treat a minor infection with strong antibiotics. It’s like using a pistol to kill an ant.”

She gives her best advice but also is financially motivated
“I refuse a lot of times because I’m here to help, not just make money. But If patients are stubborn and they won’t take my advice, I might just give them what they want.”

Sacrificial Concept feedback - Loyalty card
“This is relevant to our business. 20 out of 30 customers per day are loyal to us. This would help me keep track of my patients, and I would offer them discounts and offers”