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Interview with Dr Ranjita, GP running her own clinic in Bangalore

Dr Ranjita is a family physician running her own private clinic in Bellendru, Bangalore. She also owns a pharmacy which is next door to the clinic. Dr Ranjita also runs initiatives and training programs to bridge the gap in healthcare between urban and rural populations.

According to her, a good patient is one that understands the problem, is capable to manage it, alert the doctor in the right time and is compliant with medication.

Here are some highlights from our interview with Dr Ranjita.

Top Highlights:

Helping patients understand the problem is key
“To help patients understand, I take my time. I spend 15 minutes with each patients, while average doctors in India take two.”

Visuals and the interaction is the best way to communicate - i.e. sitting and talking and trying to understand them and their perceptions.

Patients seek quick relief
“Patients are impatient, they come back in a day and say you may as well give me antibiotics”

The importance of enforcing regulations
"There need to be strict rules around licensing of pharmacies. There may be laws but there are no audits. There needs to be quality assurance and medical education programs. Also regular vigilance programs for Ayush doctors, who are prescribing allopathic treatments when they’re not allowed to. And registered medical practitioners (RMPs) require more training”