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Interview with Gautam, GP and clinic owner in Bangalore

Gautam is 65 and has had his clinic since 1995, his wife and 2 sons are also working in the health sector. He does yoga every morning and likes to read up on the latest medical research. In his clinic, he sees about 25-30 patients a day and charges them 200 Rs.

The clinic has a lot of facilities, ranging from X-ray & laboratory services to orthopedy and dermatology providers. His patients are mostly upper/middle income, but can also be lower, to which he provides free or discounted service.

‍He uses a variety of posters to educate his patients

Top Highlights:

Lack of test facilities leads to more mis-prescribing
“Other places if they don’t have a facilities like a lab, they end up giving antibiotics straight away as they are uncertain of their diagnosis.”

Lack of trust in external patient records
“Patients come from different places, I first examine them without records so that I can make my own diagnosis. Then I will look at the records. Records can be misleading.”

Misinformed patients will often ask for antibiotics
“Lots of patients ask for antibiotics even for viral infections, they will have this belief, as some other provider gave it to them previously or they have a lack of awareness about the disease itself.”

Concept Feedback - Stethoscope & Cough-Zam
“It would be very difficult to know if it was viral or bacterial but it could tell you if it was an infection and suggest you go to a doctor or not.”