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Interview with Harriet, clinician in Nairobi

Harriet, 29 years old, is a clinician in a small private clinic in Nairobi. She has studied for 7 years and been a clinician for 5. She works on a clinic with a family phycisian and a pharmacy attached to it. She sees around 10 patients a day and is prescribing medication, whenever the doctor is not in the clinic.

“Antibiotics should not be sold without a prescription, but they do at the moment.”

Prototype Feedback

Serious stories
"Making patients understand the dangers of antibiotics is important. But you have to make it relevant to them.Most people don't know what a superbug is."

On what kind of stories will resonate

"If you talk about death, people will listen."

Smart Prescriptions

On how she is currently prescribing and why she is not writing the diagnosis to the prescription:

"We don’t write the condition on the prescription, some people want to keep their condition private. They don't want their pharmacy to know they have syphilis."

On the system giving her recommendations and warnings if she is not sticking to protocol (when prescribing).

"Seeing the guidelines would help, It’s OK to be reminded. This would make think twice, about what I am prescribing."
"Sometimes you need to not follow the guidelines. For example they might say you need to do tests before prescribing antibiotics, but some patients don't have money for tests."

On what impact the service would have on the clinics brand:

“This service would make patients come back to the clinic, because they would think you’re taking care of them”

“This prescription will increase our patients, because they will feel you’re taking care of them. We'd get more business, more patients and nothing like that exists.”

On automating some of the advice (with an SMS) based on the condition:

“No two patients are the same, you would need to give some different advice for each patient" (eg: if this is a recurring condition or not).

About the reminders feature:

"Those reminders are great because most people take their medication for the first day and then they forget. It means you’re serious about patient management."

Top Doc
“Antibiotics is a very wide topic and you forget what we learned in college, it would be helpful to have an app like this for to remind myself.”

"I would like this to be from a reputable organisation like KEMRI and would like a certificate that I could use while applying for a job to show I understand antibiotics and that’s a plus."