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Interview with Kate Waters, behaviour change strategy expert

Kate is a the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Now. Before Now, she was a Strategy Partner at Engine, and one of the Government’s leading advisers on behaviour change strategy, responsible for anti-smoking and the Change for Life campaigns. 

Top takeaways

You need a tool which operates at the point of decision making - it’s about identifying the scenario/moment and designing for that. Not actually the idea of different people and pleasing them.
People are expecting a value exchange - they want to come in with a problem + money and leave with expertise + a solution. We can maintain that.
A rule of thumb for ‘hot emotional states’ is to defuse the situation and delay a decision/prescription until later
There is potential in we reframing/celebrating symptoms as the strength of the body fighting off an infection.
Look for inspiration from ‘making change visible’. Keep cups… tote bags.. Make the alternative visible everywhere…. Until you start to see it, it’s not as obvious.

Highlighted brainstorm opportunities:

How might we make people feel as though alternatives are as precious/effective/valuable?
How might we make a ‘no’ prescription decision feel as a successful as a ‘yes’?
How might we think about badges of honour for doing the right thing/being part of a collective effort to use antibiotics responsibly?
How might we encourage progress on an individual while showing ambitious goals?