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Interview with Kevin, 26 year old patient in Kisumu, Kenyan

Kevin, 26 years old, patient, has been taking antibiotics for the past week, Kisumu.

Kevin is 26 year old and works in procurement for Kenya Wildlife Service. He loves football, swimming and writing stories. He tries to keep healthy as much as possible by eating well and exercising but has been suffering from persistent migraines and ulcer since he was a child.

Kevin has an interesting approach to medication. He proclaimed he is almost like a doctor and knows a lot about drugs. He’ll spend time researching online about medication and feels he has the knowledge to find the right drug for him and others.

We spent a couple of hours at Kevin's home in Dunga, Kisumu, Kenya where he lives by himself.

Top highlights:

Patients are accessing healthcare professionals as a matter of last resort
“I’m like a doctor myself, I know all about drugs. My father was in hospital a few years ago and I learned about them then. When I’m sick, I just prescribe myself some medicine.”
“I’ve never felt like I’ve mis-prescribed myself.”
“I always google the drugs, it makes me feel like I know what I’m up against. When I go to the hospital, I know the condition is beyond me.”

On advising others
“I’m also a doctor to my friends. My colleagues daughter had the flu, and it was persistent so i told them to go to the pharmacy and get Amoxil and Celestamine. Couple of days later he came to me smiling and said she was feeling better. I felt really happy, being able to help".
“When a friend is sick I will google their symptoms for them, or ask my doctor friend for advice, and I prescribe them.”