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Interview with Monika, Community Health Worker in Maniata, Kisumu

Monika, a community health worker, is working in 4 different hospitals. She helps with testing for malaria and blood pressure, contraceptives and deworming. She participates in different medical campaigns in her area, where some offer free treatment. 

She has a pack with her that includes instruments for weighing infants, testing for HIV, and has different medicine with her like Panadol and Amoxil.

Monika shows how she tests blood pressure with patients
Monika with her sister Rose, who is also a community health worker

Interview Highlights

Reputation of CHW’s needs work
“The Middle class thinks we are less knowledgeable, the lower class thinks we are making money out of them, unless we're introduced by the chief.”

CHW’s do work together well, based on phone calls and messages spreading through word of mouth, especially around specific health campaigns

She is unaware of how antibiotics work, and has had minimal training (3 weeks, with no focus on antibiotics)
“I gave Amoxil to a 10 year old girl with chest trouble. It opens up the chest, and she can breathe again. I heard from a doctor that was the right thing to do”... later “What is antibiotics? Is Panadol antibiotics?”

Concept - Recovery Kit
“When people are sick, not giving medicine is not a good idea. It is always better to give them medicine.”