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Interview with Rhoda, nurse in a Community Clinic in Kisumu

Rhoda is a Nurse in a community clinic on the outskirts of the slums in Kisumu owned by a pastor. We spent some time at the clinic with her, were shown the laboratory and consultation room and her record keeping.

She has been a Nurse for 7 years. Her father suggested she did the training after she split from her partner. She lives behind the clinic with her 3 children and her parents, and she takes care of her sick mother.

Her 'sorted from A to Z' patient records

Top highlights:

Unaware of the dangers of antibiotic overuse or misuse
“When a mother brings her child in with malaria, I’ll try to notice if something else is wrong, like a runny nose. I’ll give an antibiotic just in case.”

She thinks opting for ‘no treatment’ is nonsensical
“We don’t leave patients untreated, whether they’re financially stable on not. People always come asking for Amoxil, because they know someone who got it and was treated.”

She feels emotionally attached to patient perceptions
“Your patient is an ambassador. If you treat them well, they will bring you more patients. Patients are your friends only when something doesn’t go wrong”