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Postcard #6 - Week 6

We just wrapped up week 6 of our discovery phase back in London, all about starting our synthesis.

Synthesis is about sharing the rich stories from the design research, and spotting patterns, so we've been doing exactly that. We've brought our project space to life with all of the people we met - to guide our thinking as we develop our insights. It's important to spend a little time playing back the interviews, co-creation and observation sessions, away from the hectic schedules of the field trips, while they're still fresh. It gives us chance to voice our key takeaways and make sure that as a team we're all on the same page.  It's also been really valuable to share with the fresh eyes of our wider project team here at IDEO too - Emilie, Betsy and Juho.

Surrounding ourselves with stories
‍Chloe getting to know our participants

As a taster ahead of next week, below you'll find one highlighted challenge and opportunity per profile:

Patients - a key challenge is that they avoid the doctors and mistakenly take medication without proper diagnosis - often making them more ill
Doctors - we can tap into their desire to educate patients (the only provider capable of this right now)
Pharmacists - won't advise against a sale, but 'full course' compliance makes good financial sense - could be the opportunity here
CHWs - want to be taken seriously and giving out AB's helps them to build relationships

Coming up in week 7

This week, it's about crystallising the huge amount that we learned into our key themes and insights, ahead of the Opportunities workshop next week. We're going to be pulling out the areas we're most excited to design from for this piece of work, and also highlighting any key opportunities that are out of scope for our project but still worth talking about.

We're joined by Chloe, Lara and Sian who will be hanging out with us as we work, getting to know our process and helping us with a Wellcome perspective on our design thinking. We'll also be working on developing our design concepts further.

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