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Postcard #10 - Week 11

We spent last week in Bangalore (joined by Chloe), sharing our prototypes and gathering feedback ahead of our final design sprint.

We tested all of the 7 concepts with our participants, who had a range of profiles, from patients to an AYUSH practitioner, a junior GP, a pharmacist and some more experienced GP's. It was great to hear their thoughts and builds.

Sharing 'Smart Prescriptions' with Dr Neeraj
Sharing 'Top Doc' with our Ayush (Ayurvedic) Doctor who also prescribes ABs
Sharing 'Remote Doc Booth' with Pharmacist Keval
The team discussing and downloading at our hotel

Some of our top quotes:

“I would say 50% of my patients are resistant to some antibiotics” Dr Neeraj, GP
“(this means) The diesel is not necessary for your condition. The medication seems like the wrong fit for the disease. It’s inappropriate” Dr Neeraj responding to Visual Aid diesel/petrol visual
“In Indian normal practice, if you’re not going to give them medicines, they will not come to you again” Ayush Doctor, referring to pressure to prescribe to keep patients loyal
“What you read in a book and what you practice are totally different” Ayush Doctor on sticking to guidelines
"Handwriting of doctors is hard to understand. This will be better as we”ll be able to read what the doctor has written so we can judge whether its right or wrong.” Pharmacy Intercept, responding to Smart Prescription
“Any antibiotics, any regular drugs, we can just give them out. For any antidepressants, and diabetics, heavier drugs, we would need a prescription” Pharmacy Intercept, explaining the rules they work to
“As soon as we went last time to the doctors, they listed 3-4 antibiotics, so that we feel hale and hearty in a few days, but in a month we’re sick again” Patients
“Senior doctors would feel intimidated by this - they come from the old school, they’re used to being the authority. They feel they’re superior. If it was from an authority like WHO it would work” Dr Ranjita responding to Top Doc concept

Here is the top line feedback per concept from Bangalore:

1. Top Doc - appealing overall for more junior doctors, the gamified element would make it feel usable and fun. Would need to cover more than antibiotics, be from a respected source, and contribute to CME points to be adopted.

2. Remote Doc Booth - would work for some pharmacies as an additional revenue source but skepticism as to whether it can actually diagnose vs just counsel. Privacy would be an issue.

3. Visual Aids - appealing idea to enhance conversations around safe antibiotic usage. The Petrol/Diesel version was the most clear analogy. Most doctors would be happy to adopt this

Chatting to Dr Neeraj about Visual Aids

4. Serious Stories - we had good reactions to this idea as a high level messaging campaign to support the other behaviour change tactics. There's definitely an opportunity to link this with shared visual aids and provide a simple destination to find out more about AMR

5. Doc in Chat - most of the HCP's we spoke to are already chatting with other colleagues in their own Whatsapp groups and wouldn't see a need for this

6. First Opinion - despite Bangalore being ahead of the curve in terms of Telehealth (and similar products already existing), the doctors and patients we showed this to felt that this would have limited scope to actually help them reduce unsafe antibiotic usage - as it's already difficult to determine when AB's are needed or not, this really requires an in person consultation

Chatting to Dr Ranjita about First Opinion

7. Smart Prescriptions - the leading concept by far, this concept had a great response. Doctors felt it would improve patients adherence to drugs and make them feel looked after, preventing them returning for unnecessary 'reassurance' visits, whilst boosting overall loyalty. Doctors were open to the guidelines popping up so long as they were presented as suggestions, not warnings.

The team presenting the Smart Prescription SMS to a pharmacy (intercept). It was easily dispensed.

Coming up in week 12

Next week, we are back in the studio in London preparing for our third design sprint

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