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Postcard #11 - Our concept. Smart Prescription

Over the past few weeks we have been designing and developing our selected concept, Smart Prescriptions. Here's the concept we'll be testing over the next few weeks.

Value Proposition

Smart prescriptions is a digital prescription service with in-context prescription guidelines to help doctors deliver high quality healthcare to their patients.

Key Features

1. Consultation capture

Doctors can capture patient data, history, symptoms and signs as well as input their diagnosis.

Patient Info and Diagnosis

2. In Context Prescription Guidelines

Smart prescriptions provides evidence based prescription guidelines to help doctors understand whether or not antibiotics are appropriate based on the symptoms and condition of the patient.

Prescription Guidelines according to selected symptoms

3. Easy prescription of medication

Doctors can easily prescribe medication, select dosage, course and instructions to send to the patient. They can also choose to delay medication if they want.

Prescribing medicine
SMS prescription
Conditional Delayed Prescription

4. Automated advice for patients

Based on the condition and our database, Smart Prescriptions generates automated advice that doctors can send to their patients. Doctors can edit this advice or send it as is.

Automated advice

5. Send automated medication reminders

Sending course reminders