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Postcard #2 - Week 2

Week 2 of our discovery phase is over. It was focused on some tactical planning ahead of our fieldwork, more inspiration and some ideation. Here are some highlights. If you missed our postcard from week 1, have a look here.

What happened this week... 

Expert interviews

This week we spoke to:

  • Kate Waters, behaviour change and strategy expert. Kate is the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Now. Before Now, she was a Strategy Partner at Engine, and one of the Government’s leading advisers on behaviour change strategy, responsible for anti-smoking and the Change for Life campaigns. Read about the key takeaways from our interview with Kate here.
  • Charles K. Kamau at KEMRI/Wellcome Trust in Kenya to get some local context ahead of our field work
  • Stefan Swartling Peterson, Chief of Health at Unicef, who would like stay in touch with us over the duration of this project.


For inspiration this week we:

  • went to the science museum to see the 'Superbugs: The fight of our lives' exhibition. Read about our visit here
  • explored some analogous themes and experiences, like experiences that 'say 'no' well' and experiences that 'make users feel personally looked after'. Read about this weeks analogous research here.
Analogous Research Brainstorm
Superbugs exhibition


We also hosted a brainstorm with the IDEO community to come up with early ideas and sacrificial concepts.


Some topics we brainstormed on:

  • How might we communicate the potential dangers of antibiotics (through affordances, packaging etc)?
  • How might we help prescribers be more confident on making decisions?
  • How might we incentivise doctors to do the right thing?
  • How might we make patients feel like they are being looked after (while meeting a prescriber)?
  • How might we make consolation sessions more efficient?

Research Planning

Research planning is moving on smoothly. Kisumu in Kenya and Bangalore in India are the locations we have decided on. We have hit go on recruiting for our qualitative interviews and co-creation sessions.

Coming up next week

  • Wrapping up our expert interviews.
  • Finalising our discovery phase research plan.
  • Sacrificial concept development.
  • Discussion guides.