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Postcard #3

We just wrapped up week 3 of our discovery phase. It was action packed with preparations for our trips to Kenya and India next week, inspiring new expert interviews and of course design of early concepts and provocations. Check out some highlights from this week.

What happened this week... 

Expert interviews

This week we spoke to:

  • Karen Mah who leads the charge on behaviour change and awareness around AMR at the World Health Organisation. She was involved in Wellcome's early sprint that preceded our project. See our key takeaways here.
  • Josh Nesbit, CEO of Medic Mobile who talked to us about the amazing work they are doing and gave us valuable insight into Community Health Workers.
  • Daniel Burka, director of design at Resolve To Save Lives, who's been working on an app for clinicians to track patients with high blood pressure.
  • Courtney from IDEO.Org who has experience live prototyping in Congo, having designed and run a pharmacy pilot to improve access to contraception for teenage girls.
  • Spoke again to Dr Talya, paediatrician with Master in Public Health, who is advising us on this project. She gave us great feedback on our sacrificial concepts from a doctors perspective.

Top Quotes

If you want to be successful with this intervention, you need to consider what the benefit for your prescribers is. What in it for them? How will this put them ahead of the pharmacy across the street?

Sacrificial Concepts

Ahead of our fieldwork in Kenya and India, we wanted to create early concepts that would help us explore needs, motivations and aspirations of healthcare providers and patients in the two markets.

Our sacrificial concepts

See what sacrificial concepts are and a selection of our concepts here.

Research Planning

We finalised our research plan for Kenya and we are ready to go. We have scheduled 6-8 interviews with Health Care Professionals and patients to understand their needs and motivations and design along side them. We will also visit some pharmacies and clinics and do some in context observations. See our research plan here.

Coming up on week 4

Next week we are in Kenya kicking off our fieldwork. Be sure to follow us on instagram to see first hand what we are up to.

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