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Postcard #7 - Week 7

We just wrapped up week 7, consolidating our stories and insights, brainstorming early concepts and making prototypes, officially moving into the design & build phase.

When we starting coming towards the end of our synthesis, we realised how hard it would be to influence certain providers who are mainly motivated by their business and don't have a duty of care, such as some of the pharmacists we met. What's exciting though, is there are a lot of possible improvements to be made throughout the whole system of healthcare providers. Here are our working insights:

We realised that a lot of patients don't even need a prescription to get antibiotics, and often with repeat illnesses, they don't see the need for one. We found there are so many ways to get antibiotics without the 'friction' (time, money and anxiety) of seeing a doctor. We plotted how people are driven by ways to get advice and medication with the least amount of friction:

We also saw a clear difference between how providers see their clients. For example, untrained pharmacists just want to run their business so often see them simply as customers, while doctors and other trained professionals do see them as patients. The problem here is that it is actually quite hard for patients to reach doctors, as it requires a lot more time and money for people to go there, as seen in the journey above. We plotted our current thinking around how the primary care landscape works:

Ideas & Concepts

From our insights we moved to different opportunities (read about them further down), we used these as a starting point for our brainstorm. Brainstorming is an easy way to gather lots of ideas, deferring judgement until after the session. To get a diverse perspective, we did the brainstorm studio wide on opportunities that were easy to understand and had Sian, Chloe and Lara from Wellcome join us as well. We then took the best ones and incorporated our successful sacrificial concepts, making sure we had a set of ideas and concepts that properly covered the opportunities we identified.

We then ran our concepts by different directors here at IDEO and spoke to experts (Talya) for extra feedback. To do some further thinking on whether the concepts are feasible and desirable, we decided to prototype a couple that had some big assumptions behind them. We often "build to think", allowing us to quickly test ideas.

Finally, we held a workshop for everyone on the Marvelous team - IDEO and Wellcome - to come together. We shared stories from the fieldwork, the emerging insights and opportunities and our prototypes. We voted on areas we're most excited about furthering in the next phase, and what we'll be taking back out to Kenya and India in a few weeks time for further cocreation.

Opportunities Workshop

After having discussed the stories and opportunities, through voting the Marvelous team has decided which opportunities to prioritise:

  • I4 - Give doctors simple tools to help patients understand safe antibiotic usage - 8 votes
  • I5 - Train the untrained around antibiotic usage - 7 votes
  • I1 - Intervene before ‘hack’ behaviour takes place - 7 votes
  • I1 - Reduce friction in seeing a professional - 5 votes
  • I3 - Help people reflect on their self medicating behaviours - 5 votes
  • I2 - Incentivise ‘real’ prescription - seeking and giving - 3 votes
  • I3 - Add weight to the decision to self-medicate - 3 votes
  • I4 - Create a new educator role in the community - 3 votes
  • I5 - Frame AMR learning tools as ‘new essential training’ (and reward usage) - 3 votes

Coming up in week 8

This week, we will be building out the concepts and prototypes, coming up with key measures of success for each and look into ways of prototyping a baseline to get a handle on how we'd measure behaviour. We will also be setting up the research for the second trip to Nairobi and Bangalore, finding the right people to talk to and designing tools to get us the right kind of feedback we want for the concepts we will bring.

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