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Postcard #8 - Weeks 8 + 9

Over the two weeks on the Marvelous project, the team at IDEO have moved into our Design and Build phase. We're taking the concepts that we're most excited about from the Discovery phase and building them out the next level - exploring how each one could potentially solve our brief. We've also been preparing for our second round of field research in Kenya and India, which started today. We're about to put our ideas - in various levels of fidelity - in front of our users to get their builds and get a sense for how they might work in the real world.

There are 7 concepts that are currently in the mix across our 5 opportunity areas. They span provider focused ones, patient focused ones, and some that address more systematic issues. Check them out below.

(Impression, not final)

For each one we're aiming to learn about how much they could really help to tackle the issue of antibiotics over-provision. We'll be asking providers and patients to help us figure out:

- Are the hypotheses we've developed feeling right?

- Would providers and patients be likely to actually use these tools? When, why and how? What should we adjust or add? What should we lose?

- Which concepts could make the most difference?

- How should we build the prototypes to best work for them in the activation phase?

We're also starting to think about what 'success' would look like for each prototype if we chose to take them to the next phase. We'll be thinking ahead to what data we would want to collect, how we could do this in the least invasive way, what 'good' would look like, and so on.This way, we're in a strong position to design our metrics when we return and hone in on the concept(s) we'll decide to Live Prototype.

We'll be posting stories from Nairobi this week and Bangalore next, so do check back in for updates!

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