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Postcard #1 - Week 1

The first week of the project is officially over and it was a busy one. Here are some highlights from this week.

What happened this week... 


We officially kicked off the 'Ending Unneeded Antibiotic Prescriptions' project (aka project Marvelous). It was a fun and intense day kick-off at IDEO in London where we did the following:

  • Got to know each other and share inspiration and reflections on personal journeys of behaviour change and inspiring interventions out there.
  • Aligned on the challenge & objectives of the project.
  • Started our theory of change. Defined what success looks like and mapped our hypothesis of the drivers, barriers and preconditions, that (might) influence a prescriber's behaviour. 
  • Aligned on our approach and plan and started fleshing out our research plan.
  • Brainstormed on early opportunities for design.

You can find a capture document of the kickoff here.

Wellcome & IDEO kickoff workshop

Early questions we are asking ourselves:

How might we make it easier for pharmacists to not prescribe?

How might we associate professional pride with saying ‘no’ to patients?

How might we  establish systems that allows us to learn from experience?

How might we  help prescribers be more confident on making decisions?

How might we  celebrate doctors who do the right thing?

Early design opportunities (HMWs) and ideas

Research Planning

  • We started activating our connections in Kenya and India in order to identify what cities we should visit for research and set ourselves up for success. 
  • For Kenya we have identified either Nairobi or Kisumu as the cities to focus our research on. For India we are still trying to identify where we have a strong network to help us with our research. We are hoping to lock down the locations early next week.
  • We pulled together a list of potential experts we want to engage, ranging from experts in AMR, behaviour change and interventions and started scheduling some interviews.
  • We have identified the ideal profiles of gatekeepers and patients we want to get inspired by in our discovery phase and hoping to hit go on recruitment once we finalise locations.

Revised, detail plan for our approach.

First expert interviews

We also conducted our first round of expert interviews. We spoke to Dr Talya, a paediatrician with Master in Public Health, working in California who will be advising us over the next few months. We also spoke with Dr Philip, from reAct India, an expert of AMR and practitioner of interventions in India. You can see highlights from Dr Talya's interview here, and highlights from Dr Philips interview here

Coming up next week... 


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