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Prototype: Cough-zam

Last week, we spent an hour bringing to life one of the ideas from our kick-off brainstorm… Shazam for Coughs: Cough-zam.

The starting point:

is it possible to use machine learning to help patients self diagnose and prescribers be more confident in their prescription?

The Idea:

Shazam for coughs. A quick way to capture coughs on the phone, analyse them through machine learning and suggest a diagnosis.

Try the prototype:

A phone number users can call to analyse their cough. Give it a try:

Check your *cough* through *Cough-zam*…

Just give +44 (0)23 8000 0637 a ring and follow the instructions for an analysis*!

* This is a prototype, not real medical advice. Please see a doctor if you are concerned for your health.

The prototype uses Twilio, a communications API which allows designers and developers to create SMS and phone driven prototypes, products and services. We'll be using that platform for various potential upcoming prototypes (like sms decisions trees).

The result:

- A way to learn how users feel about being technology backing up a prescriber's 'no antibiotic' decision.

- A database of coughs we could use to create a machine learning algorithm capable of identifying upper respiratory tract infection coughs.