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Sacrificial Concepts

Sacrificial concepts or conversation starters are early ideas that we as designers put in front of people to spark reactions.

They are all about getting a reaction and sparking dialogue.Sometimes during interviews we'll show to people a bunch of ideas around a central theme and then see how they react. Those ideas are totally sacrificial, so if they don’t work, we drop them and move on. The goal here is to encourage creativity and outside-the-box thinking from the people we are designing for.

Ahead of our fieldwork in Kenya and India, we wanted to create early concepts that would help us explore needs, motivations and aspirations of healthcare providers and patients in the two markets. Here's a selection of the sacrificial concepts we created:

What does "responsibly" mean to different health providers? What if you could earn that poster? Who should be the one accrediting it? What impact would it have to patients?

How can we help prescribers be more confident in their diagnosis. How do they feel about technology taking that role? How would patients feel if a piece of tech was telling them what they need to do?

How do health providers track their behaviour at the moment? How would they feel if they were compared with other providers?

Can we help patients get multiple opinions at once? Would the providers be happy to support/be involved in this way?

‍Understand idea of the ‘voice of reason’ - could this ever be their own body, if it could speak?

How can we make the consultation moment more efficient? How would a joint visual tool between patients and health workers affect that moment? What protocols are there to rely on?

How are health workers trained? How do the keep up to date? Can we help them know the latest in a fun way?


Illustrations by our talented friends at Wednesday Studio.